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the normandy


The largest full scale invasion in human history.

Our Normandy package honors the allied forces that invaded Normandy, France on D-Day and set the stage for Victory in Europe.


Choose us as your allies in a full scale invasion against the mildew, mold, and algae that is attacking your home!!

With the Normandy Plan you get: 

  • One full house wash/year

  • One post pollen season house rinse/year 

  • One driveway and sidewalk wash/year 

  • 2 gutter cleanings/year 

  • One deck or patio wash/year  

  • Outdoor furniture cleaning

  • 1 Window cleaning/year

  •  5% off additional services



*The listed starting prices are based on a 1600 sq ft home, 150 sq ft deck and 150 sq ft driveway.


The estimator will measure and estimate your particular house and give you a precise quote for your home's needs.

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